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We're American Standard Authorized Dealer.  Why? Because through our years of experience, we've narrowed the number of brands of air conditioners we offer to the brands that performed the best, are the most energy efficient, and offer the best value. American Standard systems offer the best mix of quality, efficiency ratings, warranties, and they offer easy maintenance when out of their warranty period. We've learned which brand is best for each situation - every single house is different, so there is the right air conditioner out there for you!

American Standard has continually proved to be a superior product at a value-packed price point. Our customers love them, and the majority of the air conditioners we install are from American Standard because we fully believe in all of the products they manufacture, including furnaces and ductless systems.

All American Standard products offer consumers incredible value with a great product - they also have a great warranty, they're easy to work on and spare parts readily available in service trucks from every HVAC company in our area. 

Ductless Heat Pumps do an excellent job of cooling your home.  Learn more on how ductless heat pumps can cool your home.​

About Air Conditioners

​Air conditioners do two things, they dehumidify the air and lower the temperature. In simplest terms, an air conditioner takes the heat from the inside and transfers it outside. Here are the steps on how air is cooled by an air conditioner:

If you want to keep cool and your home has existing ductwork, a traditional air conditioning unit can work perfectly. Our comfort specialists would be happy to answer any questions you have on your air conditioning system.

  • Warm air from inside is pulled into the air conditioning unit
  • This air flows over chiller pipes, which both cools and dehumidifies the air
  • Afterwards, the air flows over a heating element and is blown back into the room by a fan
  • Over time this cools and dehumidifies the area being cooled.

If you have any questions on installing an air conditioner in your home, request a quote or call to speak with one of our comfort specialists today!



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