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Go Green Heating and Air Conditioning’s specialty is installing high-quality ductless heating systems in homes and commercial properties. We’re known as one of the best providers of ductless heat pump systems in Seattle because we have experience gained through decades of experience in installing the right equipment that fits the consumers’ needs while providing exceptional customer service.If you have any questions on adding ductless heating in your home, one of our comfort specialists can help in your decision. We value every customer, and our goal is to provide you with a heating solution that works best for you, your family, and your home.Ductless systems do not use any duct work at all – the compressor is on the outside, and the air handler, typically called a “head,” is on the inside of the property. They are mounted high on a wall, and depending on the property, there might be more than one installed.About Ductless SystemsDuctless heat pumps are very efficient when compared to traditional heating and cooling systems (furnaces, and traditional air conditioners). The basic concept on how they work is they transfer heat from one side to the other. In the winter, the heat pump transfers heat from outside and transfers it indoors, heating your home. In the summer, the opposite happens – heat transfers from the inside to the outside, cooling your home.Ductless systems work very well in new construction property, where the owners want to maintain “zones” of heating/cooling, for additions, or where there were baseboard heating units.Installing Ductless Heating Throughout Your Home Can Save You MoneyYou can Save money and increase comfort by having a ductless heat pump installed in your home.  You may be eligible for a rebate from Seattle City Light when you install qualifying ductless heat pumps in your home. If you’re currently heating your home with electric resistance baseboards, wall heaters, or an electric furnace, Seattle City Light can help you upgrade to a Ductless Heating and Cooling System with a $1,200 rebate.  Click to download the Ductless Fact Sheet for more information.ductless-heatpump-rebates-info







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