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We install Heating & Air Conditioning systems, furnaces and water heaters that deliver superior performance, energy-efficiency, and comfort in stylish solutions conforming to all interior spaces and lifestyles.  Here are a few reasons why Go-Green & Daikin is your best option:

Energy and Cost Savings: Advanced inverter and heat pump technologies achieve greater efficiency and energy-savings.

Flexible Installation: Daikin compact split/multi-split air conditioners easily install where space is limited.

Swing Compression: Zero Friction = Longer Life.

3-D Airflow: Combines vertical and horizontal auto-swing to circulate cool/warm air to the corners of large spaces.

Superior Filtration: Titanium apatite photo-catalytic air purification filter.

Wider operating range: 14 to 115°F for cooling and -13 to 75°F for heating.

VRT: Variable Refrigerant Temperature. (VRV & SKY systems).

- Seasonal efficiency is increased by 28%

DIII-NET: Advanced communication system. Self error checking.

DZK: The DZK Zoning Kit increases the flexibility of VRV and SkyAir system applications by allowing multiple individually-controlled zones to be served by one indoor unit fan coil.

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